The Scientific Basis for Holistic Healing


For centuries people have observed the properties of herbs, food, smell and massage on one’s psyche and physical health. They did not know why these properties occurred, only that they did. Today, modern science provides scientific evidence for many of those properties; much is yet to be uncovered.

Our physical being is one whole organism, which reports to the brain through bundles of fibers called nerves. Information flows through neurotransmission, which can be affected by changes in chemical make up induced by strong emotion. Anger, fear, lust, excitement, etc. alter the signals carried to the brain via the nervous system. The chemical solution in the neurotransmitters is different for all of our moods and can be changed by medication, herbs, aromatherapy, music and meditation.

Each of us can control our moods, therefore our electromagnetic energy. Holistic healing combines psychological, ‘self-influence’ techniques and natural remedies such as plants and touch to achieve maximum altered state of consciousness.


According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, energy is a function of light (E=mC2) and matter is simply dense energy. Therefore, the human body is nothing more than a complex electromagnetic energy field.

Quantum field theory is the most general and sophisticated form of quantum physics. The primary physical reality is assumed to be a continuous field, which is the fundamental reality. What affects this field is the superquantum potential—a far more subtle and complex than the quantum potential, whose net effect is to modify the field equations, thus making them nonlinear and non-local. According to David Bohm, the implicate order is just the field itself, and the superimplicate order is the superquantum potential. The explicate order is merely the set of “ripples” in the field that influence our physical reality.

Particles behave in a strange manner because they receive information through the quantum potential, which is a wave-like information field independent of space and time. The physical outcome of the experiment depends on the observer’s expectation.

This enables understanding of an observable universe, where the human body consists of multi-dimensional energy fields. It provides a scientific context to the concept of an electromagnetic field surrounding the human body (aura) and to the rediscovery, acceptance and ‘self-influence’ of a personal universe, in which everything is interconnected.