Explore and experience the many benefits of holistic health care, massage, yoga, Vibrational Healing. Search through this site for a broad spectrum of healing modalities that help you find your own life balance and healing life force. Scroll down to the bottom for local yoga schedule.

BN Holistic Services:
Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Micro-current and Vibrational healing,
Health Kinesiology (muscle testing), Orthopedic Massage, Yoga

pick, choose and combine modalities.
$50  30 minutes
$100  60 minutes
$130  90 minutes

Anti-Aging Facials $125. discount package 5 facials for $600.00

LaFleur Repair (myopulse technology/ Micro current) is Great for repairing injuries and scares along with skin discoloration, winkles and scars.

Ionic Detox Footbath $50…..Detox Footbathe pulls out heavy metals, bacterias and yeast. Substances that weaken the immune system. As frequencies of health and vitality enter and vibrate your cells through the large pores of the feet to dump these toxins.

For an appointment call Beth (201) 259-4376 or email me

The “True to You” YOGA Room

at 188 Breakneck Rd., Suite 205, Highland Lks, NJ

Small intimate classes 2-3 people at a time. Schedule a class in the time slot that fits your schedule. Pick the type of yoga: Hatha, Restorative, Private classes. Bring a friend, make your own group or ask me to find people compatible. The classes will always be tailored to your specific needs. To feel the most benefit you must commit to 4 classes at a time. Consistency makes you flexible and changes your metabolism.

$15 per class, $50. for 4 classes.

Yoga a tool for growing and knowing your true-self deeper. I look forward to sharing the tools that helped me grow into my True Self.

On-going schedule below. Due to small intimate size of the room, please feel free to choose a time slot that fits your schedule. 2-3 people max.

Always call before or text for available space. 201-259-4376

                               Tuesday, 9am & 6:30pm Hatha

    Thursday 8:30am  Hatha

      Upon request… Restorative Yoga

Restorative is  a wonderful supportive place for people healing from injury and/or surgery, sleeping disorders or if just plain need to restore from the stress of life

It’s for the people who say, ” I can’t do yoga”… and now yoga is restoring them.

Yoga is more than a tool, it is a constant affirmation of how powerful the body/mind connection is. With the practice of yoga, we become are own healer. We take responsibility of our health, flexibility and clarity of mind.
Due to the benefits I have experienced through the practice of yoga, I feel the need to share this gift and help make it accessible to any one willing explore other options in preventive health.
Yoga will keep us in the moment and focused on what is important and give us a new perspective on how we deal with stress and the various aspects of life. Please join me for a Hatha yoga class and enjoy the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation my classes has to offer.

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Conscious Connected Couples Coaching Tantric Intimacy Coaching for couples.