Explore and experience the many benefits of holistic health care, massage, yoga, Vibrational Healing. Search through this site for a broad spectrum of healing modalities that help you find your own life balance and healing life force, learn how to increase your vitality.

BN Holistic Services:
Therapeutic Ortho Massage, Reflexology,
Health Kinesiology (muscle testing), Yoga

Pick, choose and combine modalities.
30 minutes $50
60 minutes $100
90 minutes $150

Ionic Detox Footbath $50…..Detox Footbath pulls out toxins like heavy metals, bacteria and yeast. Substances that weaken the immune system. The feet are bombarede frequencies of health and vitality enter and vibrate your cells through the large pores of the feet to dump these toxins.

I am now offering house call services in the Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, and San Jose areas.

For an appointment call Beth (201) 259-4376 or email me
For private sessions and coaching Beth is available Skype and Zoom

Let’s talk about your goals and your limitations, together we will figure out the best health plan for your well-Being. 30 years of massage and holistic health care experience. There is a wealth of tools and remedies to draw from ancient traditions, all help encourage health and well being. Choose Beth to coach you and help you tap into your own inner healer. find which mediation works best for your body mind spirit and lifestyle.

Sports Massage, Ortho Massage, Traditional Shiatsu, Health Kinesiology, Traditional Hatha Yoga along with Restorative Yoga practices, Pranayama and Tantric study of the science of breathe, diet/vitamin advice (Raw food recipes, paleo, gluten free, refined sugar free recipes, food allergy desensitization….Well-BEing advice.
The classes will always be tailored to your specific needs. To get the most benefit from yoga..sign up for 4 classes at a time. Consistency is what makes you flexible. You will notice changes in your body and metabolism.

Yoga is more than a tool, it is a constant affirmation of how powerful the body/mind connection is. With the practice of yoga, we become are own healer. We take responsibility of our health, flexibility and clarity of mind.
The benefits I have experienced through the practice of yoga need to be shared. It is a gift and I want it accessible to anyone with interest in health and wellness.
Yoga practices keep us in the moment and help us focused on what is important. It give us a new perspective on how we deal with stress and the various aspects of life.

Here are some of my body positive workshops click below

BNaked Yoga and Body Positive Events