Therapeutic Massage

My massage training began with studying Traditional Barefoot Shiatsu done on a mat with the receiver fully clothed. Along with Trigger Point Therapy, pressure points and deep stretches are used to facilitate greater flexibility, circulation, and an understanding of your body’s functions and imbalances.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage was taught to increase circulation of blood and oxygen helping to eliminate toxins from the tissue. Using deep strokes of effluerage, kneading and wringing relaxes muscle spasms. The combination of therapies leaves the body totally nurtured, refreshed and balanced. Each penetrating stroke and/or pressure point floods the muscles, organ tissue with new blood and oxygen to increase the healing potential of the body.

Studying Reflexology helped me to learn about the body’s function and identifying imbalances by feeling sore points and crunchy textures. Massaging the points of discomfort breaks up and flushes out the toxins that have accumulates in your feet. This helps to facilitate better circulation, reduce pain all over the body, increase overall well-being and bring about a deep state of  relaxation to the whole body.

In the 30 years of practice, I continually explore many different deep tissue techniques, such as Myofascial Release, Core Myofascial, Myopractic and most recently Orthopedic massage. Each therapy focuses on the connective tissue (fascia). This interconnected net of tissue surrounds each muscle, muscle fiber, organ and bone, creating a support system to our structure and organ function. It is also the tissue that holds onto memory. Science as proven most of our cellular body regenerate every 5-7 years. Then why do injuries linger most of our lives? The nerves that connect through the fascia to muscles and organs hold patterns and memories. By creating space and relaxation in this tissue corrective alignment occurs and the body/mind connection finds balance.

Orthopedic massage uses an integrated a series of gentle movements and massage techniques to melt deep connective tissue of the joints, which in turn provides relief for issues such as frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, hip immobility and sciatica, to name a few.

Therapy Client Testimonial

Having had an appointment with Beth Nolan for treatment with the La Fleur machine, let me to indulge myself with a massage as well. Now keep in mind that I’ve had dozens of massages from various resorts and spas but never have I experienced the total muscle workout that Beth gives. Having a high-stress career and a fast paced life (as we all do) tends to leave me with tense muscles, knots in my neck and shoulders, back pain and even migraine headaches. Beth’s massage is the answer to my prayers! Whether I am in need of a deep tissue massage or just a relaxing one, Beth seems to read what my body needs and delivers top-notch service.
— M. J. Josimov, Long Valley, NJ