Micro-current frequency healing. Anti-Aging Facials. Scars and wrinkles erased. Along with ability to repair torn or damaged tissue. Helps anything from injuries to wrinkles.

$50.00 a 1/2 hour for injuries or spot treatments.

$125.00 anti-aging facials or $500 for 5 facials

Ionic Detox Foot Bath & Vibroacoustic Therapy Massage Chair

foot_bath_groupCan you remember having a restful night’s sleep? How about having no pain from joint or body discomfort? Do you know how to assist your body in Detox? Can you possibly remember the last time you had a stress-free day? When was the last time you truly felt fantastic? Change your Health and Wellness, and your Life, with the Revive Cleanse Ionic Body Detox Foot Bath System, creates a total inner body massage vibrating organs, tissues and cells. This is not a regular massage, it is low frequency vibrational massage a is low sound frequencies that are transmitted to the body through the feet. You feel a soothing tickling sensation washing you from outside in. Experience inner waves harmonizing your subsystems, and clearing the mind and balance your body and brain. Reduce stress, reduce pain, recharge energies.

  • Ionic Detox Foot Bath  (30 minutes) $50